• High Production Speeds
  • Quick and Reliable Changeover
  • Robust Codes

Wire and cable production requires equipment that can consistently deliver small characters and marks in precise locations at very high speeds.

Our intuitive user interfaces support quick and frequent error-free changeover, which can be further enhanced by a direct link to a central PC.

Our full range of pigmented inks ensure a robust and readable code, while our metre marking software ensures precise placement of codes to meet international standards.

Our high-speed Laser solutions can deliver a permanent high-quality code with unsurpassed reliability.

Selected Equipment for your industry

CIJ Continuous Inkjet Printers

Linx 8940
Linx 7900 series

TIJ Thermal Inkjet Printers

Linx TJ20 & TJ50

Laser Printers

Linx CSL60