Pre-Owned Equipment & Rental Service

Pre-Owned Equipment

If you are looking for quality pre-owned inkjet printing equipment then give us a call. Our skilled technicians refurbish and thoroughly test our pre-owned printers before we offer them for sale. Purchase options include installation, operator training, warranty, and post installation service plans that will help keep your equipment in peak operating condition. Just let us know what your inkjet printing needs are and we will assist you with a selection from our pre-owned equipment inventory.

Equipment Rental and Leasing

Perhaps you have a short term need for an inkjet printer to fulfill a special production run. Or maybe you have a longer term need but don’t want to tie up the capital for an outright purchase. We can accommodate your needs with an equipment rental program tailored to your individual requirements. Or we can arrange a convenient equipment lease that frees up capital while providing you with the equipment suited to your production requirements. For urgent needs, we can even arrange delivery on very short notice. Please contact your Tigerpak Sales Representative for further information.