CIJ Continuous Inkjet Printers

Linx 8940 Spectrum

High performance, high contrast pigmented coding with the Linx 8940 Spectrum

The Linx 8940 Spectrum provides reliable printing with high contrast pigmented inks, onto surfaces such as plastic cabling, extruded products, and coloured glass.

Designed to print quality codes in challenging environments, and on high-speed lines, up to 10 m/s, the Linx 8940 Spectrum also incorporates advanced features and capabilities, including live message creation and editing while printing and accurate ‘metre marking’ for cable and wire applications. Innovative hardware increases production uptime and extends maintenance intervals, providing reliable startups, even after up to one-month shutdown.



  • Best in class extended service interval of up to 8,000 hours or 12 months, with a range of inks.
  • Patent-pending PureFlow® is an innovative, powerful filtration system for opaque print and a cleaner nozzle.
  • Premium print quality and trouble-free restarts from patent-pending Vortex®, a robust mixing tank with a unique method of re-dispersing the settled heavy pigment.


  • Optimum performance, including in extreme environments and up to one month shutdown. The printer is ready to print first time, with no need for flushing or to be permanently powered on.
  • Linx robust sealed printhead means fewer interventions and less cleaning, typically only once per week, even when running continuously.
  • AutoFlush unique printhead cleaning sequence leaves the printhead and conduit clean and dry, ready for every startup.

Easy to Use

  • Self-service option with an on-screen wizard to guide through the servicing process.
  • Simple user interface with large, icon-driven touch screen, with production-rate visibility.
  • Mistake-free one-touch, fluid cartridge refills during printing.
  • Linx PrinterNet® ready, for remote monitoring and control via a secure cloud-based service.

Print Sample


Lines of Print
Message Height
1.8mm - 17mm depending on nozzle
Maximum Line Speed
1 line: Up to 9.1m/s depending on nozzle
Up to 10m/s in tower print mode
Screen Size / Message Entry
10 inch full colour touch screen
Ink Supply
Cartridge system with RFID
Preventive Service Interval
Up to 12 months/8,000 hours
Service Interval Method
Easi-Change® Service Module
Printhead Shut Down Method
Auto flush cleaning – up to 28 days shutdown
Pumping System
Fir for life pump – no scheduled changes
Software Features
On-Screen Help and Diagnostics
Live Message Preview
Step-By-Step Guidance
Message and Settings Back-Up
USB storage device
Barcode Printing
ITF 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 8, UPCA, Pharmacode, Data Matrix, QR Code, RM4SCC-Type C
Printhead Features
Nozzle Size
62µm, 75µm
Umbillical Conduit Length
2m Standard – 4m Optional
90 Degree Printhead Available
Ink Range
Hard Pigmented
Connection Interface
Product Detector
Alarm Output
Shaft Encoder
USB Port for message and settings back up and WiFi Connection for Linx PrinterNet