ALtech ALbelt C

ALbelt C is a compact linear labeling machine for applying wraparound labels to cylindrical products such as bottles, cans, jars, and pots, and represents the ideal entry-level, automatic solution to get started with self-adhesive labeling.


The system uses the ALstep label applicator installed on a compact and open solid structure, which supports a belt conveyor fitted with guides and a side wrap-around belt which wraps the label around the cylindrical body of the products. The result is an extremely compact, flexible, and low-cost automatic solution.

This configuration has been specifically designed for small-medium scale production of products packaged in cylindrical bottles or jars, typically food or cosmetic products.

The compact structure and low cost make this configuration suitable for companies whose production is not yet highly automated, requiring manual loading of products. For greater production requirements, on the other hand, ALTECH offers the ALline range, specifically designed for labelling of cylindrical bottles directly within the packaging line.